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Preschool Enrolment

Download the enrolment form (PDF): Preschool – Enrolment Form

Covenant Christian School Early Learning Centre

Application for Enrolment


Christian names Preferred name  (if other than first)
Address Street and No.
Suburb/Town State Postcode
Gender Please circle one Male           Female Student Mobile Phone (if applicable)
Date and place of birth Date Town                                                     Country
Birth Certificate A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate is submitted with this application.
Australian citizen Please circle one          Yes                   No Resident Status (if not born in Australia)
Visa information (if not an Australian citizen) A copy of the student’s passport is submitted with this application. If student visa, visa type code:
Current preschool(if applicable) Name Suburb/Town State
Director’s name and phone no. Name Phone no. (       )
Proposed year of entry 20 …. …. Proposed start date (If not beginning of new school year) ……………………………
Sessions to be enrolled A. Week 1 Mon/Tues/Wed   Week 2 Mon/Tues  B. Week 1   Thur/Fri                Week 2 Wed/Thur/Fri A & B                           A or B
Previous enrolment history Has this child ever been refused enrolment at another preschool? If yes, provide details. Yes      No
Has this child ever been suspended or expelled from another preschool, or has he/she been requested to be voluntarily withdrawn from a preschool? If yes, provide details. Yes      No
Student’s health (Refer to allergies, major illnesses, operations, medications, etc.)
Doctor Name Phone no.
Language(s) spoken by student at home Main Second
Student lives with: Mother      Father          Other (please specify) ________________
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander No                        Yes, Aboriginal                 Yes, Torres Strait Islander


Does the student have a disability, or disorder such as ADD, ADHD, autism, etc? Yes No Description
Does the student take any medication that affects behaviour? (eg. Ritalin) Yes No Description
Does the student have a learning difficulty? Yes No Description
Has the student undergone any testing or assessment in relation to any of the above? Yes No (Please provide a copy of all reports you have received in relation to tests / assessments carried out on this student.)
A Family Law Court Order exists in relation to this student    Yes            No


Centrelink Reference Numbers for the student and at least one parent must be submitted for Benefit/Rebate to be claimed

Student CRN ____________________                  First name

Mother / Carer _______________________      __________________           ____/____/____

Father / Carer   _______________________      __________________           ____/____/____

                       Name                                             CRN                                     Date of Birth

 SIBLING DETAILS     (Please list all siblings in order of age)

Name Date of Birth M/F Enrolled at Covenant Christian School
  Yes     No     Pending
  Yes     No     Pending
  Yes     No     Pending


I/We intend to seek ongoing enrolment at Covenant Christian School (ie. commencing Kindergarten the year after preschool) Yes             No

Please note that ongoing enrolment will be granted wherever possible in accordance with the Covenant Christian School enrolment policy.

Preschool applications will take precedence should Kindergarten places be oversubscribed. Where enrolment is sought and cannot be confirmed, parents will be advised as soon as possible.

Further comment regarding future enrolment (optional):


 EMERGENCY CONTACT     (In cases where neither parent/guardian can be contacted)

Full name Relationship to student
Phone (Home) (Work) (Mobile)


Medical Treatment I authorise the preschool to seek necessary medical attention for my child and agree to pay all costs. Yes  No
Pain Relief I give permission for my child to receive Paracetamol (eg. Panadol, Panamex) for pain relief if required. Yes  No
Local Excursions I give permission for my child to attend preschool outings within the general locality (ie 10km radius). Yes  No
Photographs I give permission for photos of my child to be used for preschool and school associated publications, including on the internet (without names). Yes  No



 Father / Guardian


 Name:   ……………………………………………….

Date:     ………. / ……… / ……….

Mother / Guardian


 Name:   ………………………………………………

 Date:     ………. / ……… / ………. 


Father/Guardian Mother/Guardian
Christian names
Title (Mr, Mrs, Rev, Dr, etc)

Residential address


Street and No. Street and No.
Suburb/Town Suburb/Town
State Postcode State Postcode

Postal address

(If same write ‘as above’)

Street and No. / PO Box Street and No. / PO Box
Suburb/Town Suburb/Town
State Postcode State Postcode
Phone    (home)
Occupation including level / position
Marital Status (please circle current) Married    Separated   Divorced   De facto   Single Married   Separated   Divorced     De facto   Single
Country of birth
(These questions mandated by the Australian   Government) Does the parent speak a language other than English at home? (If more than one language, indicate the one that is spoken most often). No, English only No, English only
Yes, Other (Please specify) ___________________ Yes, Other (Please specify) ___________________
What is the highest year of school the parent has completed? (Tick one only).

Year 12 or equivalent

Year 11 or equivalent

Year 10 or equivalent

Year 9 or below

Year 12 or equivalent

Year 11 or equivalent

Year 10 or equivalent

Year 9 or below

What is the highest qualification the parent has completed? (Tick one only)

Bachelor degree or above

Advanced Diploma / Diploma

Certificate I to IV (including trades)

No non-school qualification

Bachelor degree or above

Advanced Diploma / Diploma

Certificate I to IV (including trades)

No non-school qualification

Are you the natural parent of the child?          Yes                 No          Yes                 No
If ‘No’, state your relationship to child
Person(s) responsible for paying tuition fees Name Do you have unpaid tuition fees at any previous school?  Yes      No
Address where account is to be sent Street and No. / PO Box Suburb/Town Postcode


Father/Guardian Mother/Guardian
I do not attend a church regularly I do not attend a church regularly
I regularly attend a local church I regularly attend a local church q
Pastor / Minister

*..Church affiliation is not required for Preschool enrolment. Preschool students will be given preference for enrolment into Kindergarten at Covenant Christian School in accord      with the CCS Enrolment Policy.

 REASON FOR APPLICATION     (A short explanation of why you are making application to attend this particular Christian preschool.)


Church             Friend                 Internet/website            Advertising leaflet               Newspaper                Referral from another school

Other: _____________________________________________


You may wish to use a family (non-relative) currently involved with Covenant Christian School. If you have Church affiliation, please provide details for your Pastor, Elder or other church leader (non-relative).

Surname Christian name
Address Street and No.
Suburb/Town State Postcode
Occupation Office held if any)
Home phone Work phone
Consent to being a referee

I hereby consent to act as a referee for the family that is the subject of this Application for Enrolment form when contacted by a representative of the preschool.

Signed:   ………………………………………                   Date: ……………………


1.    That my/our child shall, during the period of enrolment at Covenant Christian Preschool/School, be punctual, be dressed in the full Preschool uniform (as outlined in the Parent Information Pack) and abide by the Preschool expectations.

2.    That I/we will support the Preschool in its educational program.

3.    That I/we accept full responsibility for the payment of fees, levies and charges as set out and notified by the Preschool from time to time.

4.     That I/we will pay the tuition fees no later than the end of the first week of each term unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Preschool Bursar. I/we will give any notice of intention to withdraw my/our child from the Preschool in writing, giving twelve weeks notice. Preschool fees for a full term will be charged in lieu of notice.

5.    That the Preschool is permitted to contact my/our child’s previous preschool/ELC regarding any matter that relates to his/her enrolment at Covenant.

6.    That I/we will assist with duties normally performed by parents as set out in the Parent Information Pack and participate in the Parental Assistance Scheme (PAS). This includes carrying out cleaning and working bee duties as rostered. I/we agree to pay a monetary levy in lieu of duties not undertaken.

7.     That I/we will make any grievances I/we may have through the correct channels, as outlined at the enrolment interview and in the Parent Information Pack.

8.    That I/we will conduct my/ourselves in a way that is not likely to bring the Preschool or its community into disrepute.

9.     That I/we will promptly inform the Preschool of any changes to information provided on this Application for Enrolment form.


Application for enrolment of your child at the Preschool means that you are choosing a Christian education for your child. It requires your commitment to support the philosophy, values and aims of the Preschool and a willingness to co-operate in their implementation. Specifically it means:

·         Participation in prayer, singing and other activities of a spiritual nature.

·         Christian values are emphasised.

·         Content will be taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Your child is expected to adhere to the Preschool’s standards for:

·         Behaviour, dress and self-discipline.

·         Application to preschool work.

·         Participation in all Preschool activities.

Your cooperation is essential to assist your child attain these goals. Parents are expected to participate in the life of the preschool/school including community activities.


The Preschool collects personal information, including sensitive information, about students and parents or guardians before and during the course of a student’s enrolment. The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable schooling to be provided for your son/daughter.

Some of the information collected is to satisfy the Preschool’s legal obligations, particularly to enable the discharge of its duty of care.

Certain laws governing or relating to the operation of preschools require that certain information be collected. These include Public Health and Child Protection Laws.

Health information about students is sensitive information within the terms of the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. The Preschool may occasionally require medical reports about students.

From time to time personal and sensitive information is disclosed to others for administrative and educational purposes. This includes disclosure to government departments, medical practitioners, law enforcement officers, Centrelink and people providing services to the preschool, including specialist visiting teachers.

 ENROLMENT DECLARATION (To be read and signed by both parents/guardians)

I/We hereby apply to have the child listed on this Application for Enrolment form enrolled at Covenant Christian Preschool, Gordon, and

1.    I/we have read and agree to the above CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENT and apply for enrolment of my child subject to those conditions;

2.    I/we have read and agree to the responsibilities in the above CHRISTIAN ETHOS, VALUES & AIMS and apply for enrolment of my child subject to those conditions;

3.    I/We have read, understood and agree to the above ENROLMENT INFORMATION   COLLECTION NOTICE; and

4.    I/We enclose the enrolment process fee on the understanding that the fee is not refundable once my/our child is placed on the “Enrolment Process List”.*


Signature of parents and/or guardians:


Father/guardian                                                                                           Date                                         


Mother/guardian                                                                                          Date                                         



(Maximum fee – $150 per family)

 *Note: The payment of the Enrolment Process Fee does not guarantee enrolment.


 Copy of Birth certificate attached (certified true copy, or accompanied by original for verification)
 Copy of passport attached (if not an Australian citizen)
 Copy of all reports in relation to disability / disorder / learning difficulty tests and assessments carried out on this student (if applicable)

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