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Transport Canberra bus and light rail services during COVID-19 lockdown

Bus and light rail services are continuing to run to the regular timetable and frequency at this time.

As you are aware the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. This may mean some Transport Canberra bus and CMET light rail drivers may be required at short notice to comply with ACT Heath directions and are unable to attend the workplace. While every effort is made to cover all services with replacement drivers this isn’t always possible.  

As a result we may see some services delayed and/or cancelled during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  

Transport Canberra works hard to ensure that dedicated school services are prioritised and regular services that carry school students run wherever possible. Every effort will be made to ensure there are no impacts on students and we continue to work closely with the Education Directorate and Independent and Catholic school bodies to provide up to date advice on public transport during this time.

Over the coming weeks we encourage students (and their parents/carers) that are continuing to attend school in person and who rely on public transport to:

If you child has missed their bus or their service has not run and they are unable to get to school or home please contact 13 17 10 and we will help advise on alternative services to ensure they get home safely.

The Special Needs Transport Service will not be impacted and Transport Canberra is communicating with registered families on a regular basis.  

Reminder to Use Check In CBR and a registered MyWay card

Parents are asked to remind students of the importance of using the Check In CBR App and a registered MyWay card on every bus or light rail service they travel on. This makes contact tracing faster and easier for ACT Health in the event one of our services is listed as a COVID-19 exposure location.

Registering you MyWay card is fast and easy via the Transport Canberra website or by calling 13 17 10.

We appreciate your understanding during this time.

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