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Covenant Christian School Association

Covenant College, Tuggeranong, ACT Association Incorporated


The Association consists of Christian parents and friends who subscribe to a common faith as expounded in the historic Protestant Churches and who share a mutual interest in Christian education.

Why is the Association of Covenant important?

Covenant is established as a school under the auspices of Covenant College, Tuggeranong, A.C.T. Association Incorporated. The Association, incorporated in November 1988, is responsible for the school through an elected Council which controls and manages the business and affairs of the Association.

The Constitution of the Association details the objects and purposes of the Association, including:

to provide for children an education of a general nature consistent with the teaching of Christianity, including religious instruction and education in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments interpreted consistently with the basis of the Association.
to encourage the pursuit and dissemination of true Christian scholarship in all areas of the school’s curriculum and interest, so as to establish a truly Christian world view in all disciplines of life.

You can download a copy of the constitution here.

What are the benefits of becoming an Association member?

Primarily, becoming an Association member would benefit the school by rendering our particular God-given gifts and talents in the activities of the Association and its committees.

Other benefits that Association members gain include a greater understanding of the direction and policies of the school, and being able to prayerfully support the same. Members are eligible to vote and express ideas on issues confronting the school at Association meetings. Members also are given preference in the enrolment of their children over non-members and would have a greater knowledge of and involvement in how their children are being educated.

What work do Association members do?

Association members are encouraged to join in the work of assisting the development of Covenant. Association members are encouraged to pray for the school at all times and, as appropriate, to serve on various ad hoc or regular committees. The Council may invite Association members to become involved in one of the following committees:

Building and Property Maintenance Committee
Curriculum Committee
Finance Committee
Public Relations Committee

Members praying and serving in the Committees are the real powerhouse of the Association. There is always much work to be done on these committees – especially in these pioneering days – and the work requires sacrificial giving and dedication to the Lord and His work. Association members are, from time to time, called upon to assist with other activities. These may include interviewing prospective Association members, providing willing hands at working bees and representing Covenant at their Church.

How much does it cost to join the Association?

The annual subscription fee for membership of the Association is $20 per person or $30 for husband and wife.

Who is eligible to join the Association?

All Christian parents and friends who can subscribe to a common faith as expounded in the historic Protestant Churches and share a mutual interest in Christian education are eligible and encouraged to join the Association.

Under the heading of “Membership of the Association”, the Rules of the Association state that:
All persons who are parents of children at the school, teachers at the school, parents with children enrolled at the school and other interested members of churches who are able to fulfil the paragraph 2(3)(c) of this rule should be encouraged to join the Association. Paragraph 2(3)(c) mentions, among other things, that a nominee shall have made a profession of faith (or equivalent) in their Protestant Church which includes that he/she has personal faith in God as Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and in the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier, and promises to depend on Divine Grace and serve the Lord and walk in His ways all the days of his/her life. Also required is a conscientious belief in the principles of Christian education and an ability to maintain these as set out in the school’s  Educational Creed.*

How can I become an Association Member?

To become a member of the Association a prospective member must first be nominated by two Association members. An application is then submitted to the Public Officer, accompanied by a written reference from the applicant’s local Minister or ruling body of the Church which they attend, endorsing that the prospective member has formally professed his/her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and holds communicant membership of good standing in their local Protestant Church.

Upon receipt of the application, the Council will appoint two Association members to interview the prospective member who will then be required to sign a statement that he/she promises to maintain the principles of Christian education set out in the Educational Creed*. The application is then referred to the Council and voted upon by a simple majority and finally upon receipt of the annual subscription fee the new member’s name is entered on the roll of Association members by the Public Officer.

* The Educational Creed, comprising Section 4 of the Constitution, is documented on the back of the Association membership application form and in the Parent Handbook; it is also available on this website.

Can an Association member become a Council member?

Members of the Council, the body which controls and manages the business and affairs of the Association, are drawn from the Association membership. To become a member of the Council there are due processes of election, involving nomination and interview and the signing of a Statutory Declaration by the candidate, proclaiming solemn and conscientious belief that Section 3 of the constitution is a true statement.
Section 3 states: The supreme standard of the Association shall be the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the infallible Word of God, as it is interpreted particularly in the light of and consistent with the Westminster Confession of Faith primarily, and other Reformed Confessions of Faith …

Is there a need for a greater Association membership?

As noted at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in 1995:
There continue to be many opportunities for greater involvement of Association members and the Council remains keen to strengthen Association membership and particularly to revive the Council’s committees.

I encourage members to prayerfully consider whether the Lord has already equipped, or is now equipping, you for this type of service in His kingdom. We have traditionally invited prospective members to ‘visit’ committees. This assists them and the Council to assess suitability.

The challenge of Association membership may be for you!

If you would like to make arrangements to further discuss questions of membership, please contact the Association via this website (under ‘Contact’) or through the school office on ph. 6294 2455.

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