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Primary School

“All in all you’re just another brick in the wall” ?

You’ll be glad to know that this is not what we believe at Covenant! Your child is not just another “brick in the wall”. With lower teacher to student ratios, we want to know each child individually. We don’t want them to get lost in the crowd.

If your child is struggling with their learning in any way and needs extra support in the classroom, we aim to find out sooner rather than later. With smaller numbers per class, your child will get more dedicated time with their teacher to ensure they understand their work.

We take the time to communicate regularly with parents via school diaries and personal emails, keeping our ‘finger on the pulse’ of how your child is progressing.

We have also found our dedicated LEM phonics program for reading and writing to be extremely effective for the foundational development of skills in all children, including those with learning difficulties.

What is the LEM Method?


Covenant’s literacy curriculum uses the LEM phonics method, a comprehensive Years K-6 total language program.

This program aims to teach all students to spell, write and read. The success of phonics with diverse students, including those who have learning disabilities or are learning English as a second language, is in large part due to the integration of scientifically-based content and methodology… [Read more]

Building Strong Foundations

Primary subject infographic

The earlier education years at Covenant are prioritised towards giving students the strongest possible foundation in Literacy and Numeracy.

Each year we ask our youngest students what they like best about school. Many of them love working hard, especially in their Maths and English subjects!

Like about school Ezri   Like about school Jayden   Like about school Nikolas   Like about school Fiona

What we teach in the Primary level is a strong foundation to teaching at the Secondary level. We believe teachers are employed to instruct and impart knowledge, give direction and provide a reason / purpose for all that is being taught – they are not just facilitators. The primary goal of teaching is centred around our desire to see students progressively become self learners as they advance in age.

With the ongoing development of the Australian Curriculum (AC) across all grade levels in Australia, the school continues to update the curriculum to reflect the requirements of the AC. For further information, please refer to the ACARA website:

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