Nurturing young people to reach their full potential under Christ.

Christian Education

We have a passion for true Christian Education

The goal of Covenant has always been to partner with parents to provide a strong spiritual and moral foundation for their children – a foundation from which we seek to develop not just academic achievement, but the building of character in its wholeness – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Yes, we believe the Bible

Covenant seeks to have a soundly biblical foundation, that students may learn that God is intimately involved in every aspect of life – not just in church on Sunday.  We want those who teach and instruct your children to maintain the faith, beliefs and morals that you hold to as Christian parents, and to pray regularly for you and your children. Our greatest desire is that God will be recognised and honoured in all that we do.

  1. Education with a distinctive Christian perspective
  2. An orderly learning environment
  3. Caring but firm discipline
  4. Excellence in education & academic achievement
  5. Breadth of creative expression
  6. A clear moral and spiritual foundation
  7. Staff accredited in Spalding Literacy
  8. Strong community spirit
Yes, we also accept non-Christian families

Understanding that all students will be instructed in the tenets of the historic Christian Faith, it is our prayer that both you and your children will be warmly welcomed and enriched by becoming a part of our school community.

Yes, we strive for academic excellence

With an emphasis on direct instruction and caring (but firm) discipline, we strive for a quiet, calm classroom environment in which students can become thoroughly engrossed in their learning and be excited about the progress they are making. Our intensive phonics program for reading and writing (LEM Phonics), gives a solid foundation for all students, especially those who may struggle with learning difficulties.  We believe that an emphasis on literacy and numeracy in the formative years gives children the best possible grounding for future opportunities.

Yes, we are a smaller school

Designed as a smaller school community, we are better able to offer a protective and nurturing environment. Our close-knit community enables staff to know all students by name and be concerned with their individual welfare. We also notice when they are struggling and need extra help and support. Your child will not get lost in the system.

Yes, we still offer a range of electives

Although small in size, we are still able to offer a range of electives for Secondary students, such as Food Technology, Music, Art, Outdoor Education, Digital Technology, Industrial Design and Textiles. We are keen for students to explore and develop their gifts across a broad range of areas. However, we also believe a strong grounding in the core subjects still offers the best basis for all future studies – before subjects start to become much more diversified in the senior secondary and university years.

We honour your God-given role and responsibility as parents. We seek to support and encourage you in a mutual goal – the raising of your children in the Christian faith. Please come and talk with us further about the educational needs and aspirations of your family.

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