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School Chaplain

Mr Tom Edwards is our current school chaplain, having started the role in Semester 2, 2022.

Tom is also the Pastor of Christ Church Tuggeranong and is the husband of Jasmine and the father of Eliora and Lewis.

The chaplain’s role is to support the school community by providing pastoral care to students and staff.

For a general statement of the aims of the service of the Chaplain within the School, and for an overview of the role of the chaplain within the School, please refer to the School’s Chaplaincy Policy (available on request).

General Principles of Chaplaincy within the School

  • The chaplain’s service is available to those within the School community who request it.
  • The Chaplaincy complements other support services and networks within the school, to which students may be referred by the Chaplain (eg. students who have educational special needs will be referred to the Special Needs Coordinator as appropriate).
  • Parental consent for the services of the chaplain is obtained in the enrolment process. The services of the Chaplain is part of the life of the School and it is understood that families that have enrolled their child(ren) into the school are in agreement with the role of the Chaplain in the School.
  • To organise an appointment with the Chaplain, please contact the School Office.
  • Complaints are handled in accordance with the School’s Complaints Policy (available on request).
  • The Chaplaincy program is included in our annual survey of parents, staff and students.
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