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School Chaplain


Hopwood, Jeremy

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”   (Romans 12:15)

A very important aspect of the Chaplaincy Service in Covenant Christian School is for the chaplain to help support each person in the school community through the highs (rejoicing) and lows (weeping) of the journey of life.

2015 has had its fair share of rejoicing and weeping. We still remember with much sadness the death of Mr Gerard Bacon in July this year. He was a staff member at this school in 1996-1998 & 2014. Let us continue to pray especially for his family and loved ones who miss him dearly and mourn his loss. And let us continue to rejoice in the certain hope Jesus gives us of eternal life with Him in heaven because of His sufficient sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection over death – which we are confident Gerard is now experiencing in its entirety.

We also weep with those among us who also have lost a loved one this year. Let us continue to pray for God to comfort the grieving.

We rejoice that the Chaplain’s Breakfasts continued this year and contributed to fostering a connected community. There are many happy memories from the breakfasts.

We also rejoice that the Government helps fund the Chaplaincy Services in the many schools around the country. Please pray that God will continue to bless the impact of all the chaplains – that they might reflect and reveal more of His character and presence to the schools in which they serve.

The Chaplaincy Service will look slightly different next year (2016). Rather than having a chaplain who is also a teacher at the school (myself), I will be stepping down from my role as a teacher to do a Ministry Apprenticeship with my church. This means that my role at CCS will be solely as the chaplain. I will only be at the school two days a week (most likely Wednesdays and Thursdays). I’m really looking forward to all the new opportunities that these changes will provide. Please don’t hesitate to come and chat to me about this if you’d like.

Pressing on,

Mr Jeremy Hopwood
School Chaplain

For a general statement of the aims of the service of the Chaplain within the School, and for an overview of the role of the chaplain within the School, please refer to the School’s Chaplaincy Policy (available on request).

General Principles of Chaplaincy within the School

  • The chaplain’s service is available to those within the School community who request it.
  • The Chaplaincy complements other support services and networks within the school, to which students may be referred by the Chaplain (eg. students who have educational special needs will be referred to the Special Needs Coordinator as appropriate).
  • Parental consent for the services of the chaplain is obtained in the enrolment process. The services of the Chaplain is part of the life of the School and it is understood that families that have enrolled their child(ren) into the school are in agreement with the role of the Chaplain in the School.
  • To access one-on-one appointments/sessions and ongoing sessions please contact the Chaplain or Principal via the School Office to arrange a suitable time.
  • Complaints are handled in accordance with the School’s Complaints Policy (available on request).
  • The Chaplaincy program is included in our annual survey of parents, staff and students.
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